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Almadina Abason Ltd. is a real estate company that emerged in the sector in 2017 with a visionary outlook and a well-planned vision. Our company is not only focused on real estatebut we also consider ourselves artisans of dreams. We are committed to building your dream home and take pride in presenting the Almadina Housing project – a well-planned modern housing society that provides all the modern facilities you need. The project is located near Dhaka, and we offer pure and flawless land with 100% secure documents. Almadina Abason Ltd. is the only company in Bangladesh that provides immediate registry and possession upon land purchase. We have been working with honesty and sincerity for a long time and consider honesty and loyalty the principles of our company. We are here to turn your dream home into a tangible reality. Almadina Abason Ltd. is your destination for a trusted residence.

At Almadina Housing Company, we are committed to making affordable housing a reality for everyone. Our goal is to provide a beautiful and healthy environment for all, where families can thrive and children can grow up in a supportive, collaborative community. We believe that working together is the key to creating a society that is not only attractive, but also environmentally friendly. Our focus is on building a community that is harmonious, supportive, and conducive to the growth of all its members. We are dedicated to making sure that everyone has access to a safe and comfortable home, and to creating a society where everyone can live in peace and harmony.

Our vision is to transform your housing dreams into reality by creating a modern, healthy and prosperous living environment. We have carefully selected environmentally friendly and flawlessed land for our housing projects. Our vision is to craft a completely modern housing solution where you can live beautifully in your dream home. We are not only striving to be environmentally conscious but also aiming to build a healthy society through our projects. Our commitment is to create a project that is not only loved and supported by you but also establishes a permanent, secure, and safe housing initiative.

Our Almadina Housing company was established in 2017. We have committed to presenting a convenient housing solution for everyone. Working towards fulfilling the dream of housing for all, we have been consistently working for customer satisfaction over the past 4 years. We are proud to have sold 400+ plots out of our 1500+ housing units. With a focus on consistency, we are grateful for the love and support from over 400 families. Our land is safe, secure, and eco-friendly with 100% secure documents. We are the only company in Bangladesh that provides immediate registry and possession upon land purchase. We have been working with honesty and sincerity for a long time. Honesty and loyalty are the principles of our company, and we are here to turn your dream home into a physical form. Almadina Abason Ltd. is a trusted destination for your housing.

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Plot: C-11, Main Road, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, (Opposite of 4 No. Gate Sher-E-Bangla Cricket Stadium)

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Almadina Housing, Near Dhalla Bazar, Dhalla (just after Dhaka hemayetpur), Dhaka.

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